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Safeguarding Children Policy

Our first responsibility and priority is towards the children in our care. If we have any cause for concern we will report it to the relevant bodies, following Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board on Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0845 0507666. Or direct to my designated safeguarding Officer (LADO) Alison Beasley – Interim Designated Officer (LADO) Email: Schools. Tel: Safeguarding Team: 01865 810603

Or I will complete and email an enquiry form to the MASH on

I understand that child abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, or a mixture of these, and are aware of the signs and symptoms of these. Additionally, I recognise that Safeguarding can involve a range of potential issues such as: bullying, including cyberbullying (by text message, on social networking sites, and so on), peer on peer and prejudice-based bullying; racist and homophobic or transphobic abuse; extremist behaviour; child sexual exploitation; sexting; substance misuse; issues which may be specific to a local area or population, for example gang activity and youth violence and other particular issues affecting children including domestic violence, sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, radicalisation and forced marriage. I follow the prevent duty advice from the department of education.

I must notify Ofsted of any allegations of abuse that are alleged to have taken place while the child is in our care, including any allegations against me, or any members of our family, or other adults or children in our home who have had contact with minded children, as soon as is reasonably practicable but it must be within 14 days. I have read and understand the safeguarding and welfare requirements of EYFS. I have also read the national statutory guidance document Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015.

I keep up to date with child protection issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training courses and by reading relevant publications from Pacey and Family Information Service.
I follow the procedures outlined in our Working together policy. I aim to share all information with parents but in some instances (where we are worried about a child’s well-being) we may be required to refer concerns without discussing this with you.
I work together with parents to make sure the care of their child is consistent – please refer to my Working with Parents policy.
Children will only be released from our care to the parent/carer or to someone named and authorised by them. A password might be used to confirm identity if the person collecting the child is not previously known to us.
Parents must notify me of any concerns they have about their child and any accidents, incidents or injuries affecting the child, and fill in a Bumps, Cuts and Bruises form.
Unless I believe that it would put the child at risk of further harm, I will discuss concerns with a child’s parent if we notice:
Significant changes in children's behaviour;
Deterioration in children’s general well-being;
Unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse or neglect;
Children’s comments which give cause for concern;
Any reasons to suspect neglect or abuse outside the setting, for example in the child’s home; and/or

If a child tells me that they or another child is being abused, I will:
Show that I have heard what they are saying, and that I take their allegations seriously.
Encourage the child to talk, but I will not prompt them or ask them leading questions. I will not interrupt when a child is recalling significant events and will not make a child repeat their account.
Explain what actions I must take, in a way that is appropriate to the age and understanding of the child.
Record what I have been told using exact words where possible.
Make a note of the date, time, place and people who were present at the discussion.

I will call the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board on Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0845 0507666 or Alison Beasley – Interim Designated Officer (LADO) Email: Schools Tel: Safeguarding Team: 01865 810603

We will follow their instructions.

If an allegation is made against us, any member of our family or any other adult or child in our setting we will report it to Ofsted within 14 days if not sooner and our Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) following the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures. Alison Beasley – Interim Designated Officer (LADO) Email: Schools Tel: Safeguarding Team: 01865 810603.

I will also contact PACEY’s Helpline on 0300 003 0005 for advice and support.

In all instances we will record:
The child’s full name and address
The date and time of the record
Factual details of the concern, for example bruising, what the child said, who was present
Details of any previous concerns
Details of any explanations from the parents
Any action taken such as speaking to parents.

It is not our responsibility to attempt to investigate the situation ourselves.


Local Authority Designated Officers LADO For all allegations please contact: Alison Beasley – Interim Designated Officer (LADO) Email: Schools Tel: Safeguarding Team: 01865 810603
This will be my first point of contact if you are concerned that someone working with children is abusing them.

This policy supports the following safeguarding and welfare requirements:

England Meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.