Little Fishes

Mobile Phone Policy

I understand that mobile phones are an everyday part of life for parents, childminders and children but they can also present a safeguarding rise therefore we have procedure for their use:
I will ensure our mobile phone is fully charged and with us at all times in case of emergencies
I have the facility to take photographs on both the Little Fishes camera and the Little Fishes IPad and will seek your permission to take any photographs of your child to record activities and share their progress with you. My IPad is password protected; images are transferred on to a secure file on the laptop and then deleted. I will have my phone on me throughout the day only for emergency use and will not take photos of the children on them.
I will not publish any photographs of your child on any social networking sites or share with any other person without your permission.
I request that you do not use your mobile phone whilst dropping off and collecting your child/children.
Any visitors to the setting will also be asked not to use their mobile phone.
In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 I have registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller to allow us to store digital images on an SD card device/computer.