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Non Responsive Baby Cot Death

It is our responsibility to ensure every care is taken to promote the safety and well being of sleeping babies.

We do this by:
Checking sleeping children every 10 minutes throughout their entire sleep period, reducing that time period to every 5 minutes if that child is ill. Using a baby monitor if we are not in the same room/area
I use a build a bear chair which fold out to a bed for their naps. I don’t use bedding for younger children ages between 0-1 instead I ask for parents to provide baby sleeping bags. This will help prevent opportunities for cot death. The bedding will be sent home regularly to be cleaned and spare bedding will be available if required.
If they are asleep in the pushchair I will leave them in a safe location either inside (with rain covers removed) or outside in the shade. Unless parents have specified that
Ventilate the childminding room if necessary.
Ensuring babies are laid on their backs with their feet at the bottom of the cot, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by parents.
Having a non-smoking policy within our home.
As a measure of good practice, there is a procedure to use if this type of emergency should ever occur:

Upon discovering the baby.
Call for help of any adult that are nearby. This helper should call 999 to arrange for an ambulance immediately. If no adult is nearby I will call 999 myself. Contact the child’s parent/carer.

Meanwhile I will;
Try to arouse the baby by picking them up or by flicking the soles of their feet.
Place the baby on their back on a firm surface.
Ensure their airway is clear, including their nose.
Support the back of their neck, tilt the head backwards and hold their chin upwards.
If the child is not breathing, open my mouth and breathe into their mouth and nose gently watching to ensure their chest rises.
Remove my mouth to let the air come out and let the child’s chest fall.
Repeat gentle inflations and carry on with the procedure until the medical team arrive.
If the child has a fit or convulses
Lay the baby on their side with their head low and turned to one side, clear their mouth of any sick or froth. Move any obstacle that may be in their way and remove children from their reach. This is to protect both the child having a convulsion or fit and the other children in my care.
If the baby is hot, cool them down by opening a window and removing an item of their clothing. I will offer a cool drink however will not place a cold compress on them as this is following the more up to date first aid procedures regarding caring for unwell children.