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I hope that you will be happy with the service that I provide, but appreciate there may be times when you are unhappy about something and I take any complaint seriously.
I hope that you will feel able to discuss any concerns or issues that you may have with me directly. If you would rather not talk in front of your children then I can arrange a more convenient time, for example in the evening or at the weekend, or you could put the issue in writing. It is a requirement by Ofsted that all complaints are logged along with the outcome and any action taken. These records must be available to show an Ofsted Childcare Inspector if required. 
I will keep a written record of all complaints and their outcome for at least three years in my feedback folder.
I will try to be approachable and therefore hope to resolve any issue by communicating.
I will record the following information
The name of the person making the complaint.
The Early Years Foundation Stage requirement(s) to which the complaint relates.
The nature of the complaint.
The date and time of the complaint.
Any action taken in response to the complaint.
The outcome of the complaint investigation (for example, ways the service has improved).
Details of the information and findings that were given to the person making the complaint, including any action taken.
During the process I will listen, and remain calm. To try to reach a mutual agreement ensuring all parties is happy.
Where suitable I will put a procedure/policy in place to reduce the risk of it happening again.
I will seek external advice from PACEY if we cannot resolve the situation.
Depending on the nature of the complaint, within the Data protection Act 1998 I will keep you up to date with any progress and the outcome within 28 days.
If you feel that you are unable to talk to me or that after talking the matter remains unresolved then you can talk in confidence to:
The Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) on 0208 464 6164.
If you feel you cannot resolve the issue directly with me or through PACEY then you can make a formal complaint by contacting Ofsted’s – Complaints and Concerns about childcare providers unit on 0300 123 4666.