Little Fishes

Collecting & Dropping off

Dropping Off
Please let me know in advance if you intend to arrive at a different time from the contracted one to ensure I will/can be there. 0830 is the latest preschool dropping off time (term-time) I will then normally not be back until at least 9.10 (although we may be going on elsewhere).
It is your responsibility to ensure you are on time, I cannot be held responsible for any situations arising as a result of dropping the child off late. Full fees still apply.
It is unfair on other children for me to make them late for school by waiting for late arrivals.

I only release your child from my care to adults who have permission to collect. Sticking to the agreed collection time is advisable as I may not be in if you arrive early.
I may be on school runs from 08:30-09.10 in the mornings and 14:50 – 15.30 in the afternoons. Collections between these times may be difficult. If you do need to collect early then please ring and I can see if possible arrangements can be made. If anyone turns up at the house during these school run times, I cannot guarantee someone will be there. Full fees still apply if you decide to collect early. In the event of an emergency and you are unable to collect, I can operate a password system where you can send someone to collect your child who is able to give the password. They will need to bring photographic ID that they are happy to have photocopied and sign to say they have taken the child. Please talk to me in advance if you would like to use this system.
We will not release the children into the care of any parent or carer whom I have reason to believe is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If an alternative person were not available to collect the child then I would have to contact social services as part of my duty of care, therefore if there is an issue please contact me to sort out alternative arrangements if you need to.

Late Collection
If you are running late to collect your child please contact me.
I will normally be able to accommodate the additional time and care, but this will be subject to my normal rates. I will reassure your child that you are on the way and if necessary organise additional activities and a meal (an extra charge will be issued).
Up to 15 minutes every now and again is understandable but persistent lateness will incur a Late Pick Up Fee of £5 when your child is collected 15 minutes late. After 30 minutes an additional hourly rate will be charged at £5 per hour.
If you need to make a change to our contracted hours then please contact me to arrange a revise of the contract.
If a child is not collected within 30 minutes of the agreed collection time and I have not been contacted with an explanation, I will try calling the parents’/carers’ contact numbers.
Then I will try the emergency contact numbers provided on your contract.
During this time, I will continue to safely look after the child.
I will continue to try the parents’/carers’ contact numbers and emergency numbers. If I have heard nothing after 1.5 hours from the original agreed collection time, I have a duty to inform the local authority duty social worker.